Help when you need it 


What is it:

ReBuild IT is a cost-forgiveness program, which will enable MSPs forced to reduce their payroll burden to ramp back up for business more quickly. We will provide you with access to resources, through 2020, in order to help your business recover from this crisis.  


Who should Apply: 

  • MSPs who are not already engaged with ITBD
  • MSPs with fewer than 50 employees
  • MSPs with 10% or greater revenue loss due to COVID


How will it Work:

  • Complete this form
  • Attest in good faith that your organization is in need
  • ITBD will review and notify you within 24 hours
  • Program is based on "first come, first serve"
  • MSPs that did not receive PPP will be given priority

Once approved:

  • MSP may select fully trained Helpdesk or Sr. Helpdesk Specialist off ITBD bench before June 30, 2020
  • You will see the ReBuild IT credit —our donation to your success— applied to your invoice, through 2020
  • You’ll pay a reduced rate for Helpdesk Specialists and Senior Helpdesk Specialists through the remainder of 2020
  • All on-boarding and retainer fees are waived as part of the program
  • These will be month to month agreements through 2020
  • Cancel at any time