7 KPIs You Should Be Using For Your Service Delivery Team

February 20, 2019

Defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) helps engineers stay focused and efficient.  KPIs allow each individual member of your service team to understand their personal contribution to the overall success of your organization.  It also provides visibility and clarity on their daily performance.

As a Master MSP with over 15 years of experience, and a team of over 300 engineers, defining these KPIs has been crucial to our success.   Below are the 7 KPIs that we suggest you start using to measure the success of your service delivery team.


#1 Average Tickets Closed Per Day

We look for our engineers to close a total of 6 tickets per day.  Measuring this not only allows you to track the activity and aptitude of your engineer, but also creates visibility on the total amount of tickets your team closes each day. 


#2 Average Response Time

Average response time is the time it takes an engineer to reach out to your customer to provide support.  We ask our team to keep this at 15 minutes or less on average, with priority 1 incidents being the exception and require immediate response. 


#3 Average Time to Resolution

You should have a strong understanding on how long it takes each one of your engineers to resolve a ticket.  We recommend looking for an average of less than 8 hours.  Ideally you’d like to ensure that tickets are resolved within the working  day in which  it was submitted. 


#4 Average Handle Time

This is what we refer to as the amount of time each engineer spends working on a certain ticket.  This should be less than one hour on average again depending on the severity of the incident.   


#5 Total Billable Time Per Day

75% of your engineers' work should be billable when 8 hours a day are entered.  This can be one of the most important to track as it will lead directly to understanding your cost per ticket and effective rate (billable hours/total revenue). 


#6 CSAT Scores

In the service field it is essential to keep a pulse on end user satisfaction with visibility on how your engineers interact with your customers for quality assurance.  At IT By Design we use Smile Back to track customer satisfaction.  Our engineers are asked to achieve a CSAT score of 90% or more with a response rate of at least 35%.     


#7 First Call Resolution

First call resolution is the percentage of tickets resolved on the first go as opposed to multiple contacts for the same issue.  Common tickets closed on the first call typically include password reset, application install and activation, etc.   Our Level 1 / Helpdesk Support Specialists are asked to achieve this on an average of 80%.  


Analysis of these KPIs over a period of time will help identify areas to create efficiencies within your organization as well as other improvements including customer satisfaction.  Tools like Brightgauge can be integrated into your ticketing system to track and measure your KPIs.  At IT By Design, we keep our engineer’s KPIs visible on monitors for all to see.  This ignites some friendly competition and allows our team to track everyone’s contribution to the greater picture. 


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