Facing the Leadership Challenge

December 19, 2018

With the New Year just around the corner, it is time to reflect on lessons learned and plan a strategic approach to the challenges still lingering around.

Challenges in the MSP landscape are many but the one that surfaces year-after-year is the leadership gap. It is in fact one of the common topics we discuss at peer and industry events. This was the driving force behind the Leadership Development Webinar Series hosted by IT By Design; a provider of MSP-Ready Talent for the IT Channel.

In our Leadership Development Series, we sit down with influencers across the IT Channel to discuss identifying best practices for preparing the leaders of tomorrow as well as your personal skills as a leader in today’s challenging and dynamic MSP landscape.    

This ‘leadership gap’ has hit the MSP landscape so heavily, I wonder how most IT business owners would answer the following questions:


  • Am I efficiently using the expertise of others within my business?
  • Am I leading the business into the future - or running it for today?
  • Are my best people evolving into future Leaders?           

Based on the conversations we continue to have surrounding this ‘leadership gap’, the answers are not always yes.  The reasons may be many, but the source seems to be lack of talent.  Talented leaders leading talented people are rare to find in the MSP space.  Not only is finding quality technical talent hard, but we as business owners are focused more on running the business than leading it.  We continue to forget that the growth of our people is what will fuel the growth of our business.  It is the people who run the day-to-day revenue engine and technical infrastructure who have the capacity to be the team to drive your company into the future.  In order to achieve their potential, you will need to lead differently.

We all know this is easier said than done, but as we look into the New Year, I encourage you to pull your head out of the day-to-day bubble and plan how you’ll continue to develop as a leader.  Below I have included recordings of our most recent leadership development webinars, and hope they provide a starting point to solving the “leadership gap” you may be feeling.

Arnie's Secret Sauce to Building a Vision with Arnie Bellini 

The Entrepreneurial Jounrey with Brad Schow 

Leadership Empowerment with Arlin Sorensen 

The C Word: Do you have a Chief Culture Officer with Kam Attwal-Kaila 

Effectively Lead Teams and Drive Accountability with Dr Larry Little 

Leading Above the Line with Dr Larry Little

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